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Wedding Guide Book

It is our pleasure to present to you this booklet which has been especially written to assist you with your wedding plans. This book has been designed to present to you information you may require to make this special day more easily managed by having done all the preparatory work leading up to your wedding before the day. In compiling the information we have designed the book to cover most of the foreseeable requirements for your special day and have noted in chronological order what is required to be done prior to the wedding day.

​The Wedding Planner

Prior to Wedding - 6-12 months

  • Find a Venue. Pencil, book.

  • Find a Caterer. Pencil, book.

  • Decide where the Ceremony is to take place and book the venue i.e. church, gardens, private house.

  • Decide who is going to perform the Ceremony ie Minister of Religion, Marriage Celebrant or other person who may legally marry you.

  • Complete a budget of what you can afford vs what you may have to spend.


Prior to Wedding - 3-6 months

  • Find a dressmaker to make bridal gowns.

  • Notify shop of booking for amount of suits required.

  • Book the entertainment.

  • Order the rings.

  • Book the flowers.

  • Order the wedding cake.

  • Make out a Guest List — discuss with families and between yourselves.

  • Send out the invitations with an RSVP date of approx 14 days before wedding.

  • Confirm the caterer/

  • Confirm the venue —pay any necessary deposit.


Prior to Wedding – 1-3 months

  • Choose and confirm the members of the wedding party, best man, groomsmen, flower girls, bridesmaids, MC.

  • Order the refreshments either from the venue operator or from the supplier direct (corkage may apply).

  • Confirm the photographer, explain carefully your requirements re photographs or videos.

  • Confirm the menu, get the costings all in writing.

  • Confirm the design and icing of wedding cake.

  • Check on accommodation requirements for guests. Help arrange the necessary.

  • Arrange Honeymoon venue.


Prior to Wedding – 2 weeks

  • Collect marriage licence.

  • Confirm everyone is available for their positions. Groomsmen, best man, bridesmaids etc.

  • Obtain gifts for all those as a part of the bridal party.

  • Confirm Hairdresser/Beautician for wedding day.

  • Groom, best man should have hair cuts.


Prior to Wedding – 1 week

  • Advise caterers of final numbers. Set up and have rehearsals. Confirm delivery of cake and flowers. Ensure beverage requirements are in place.


The Wedding Day

  • Develop a positive attitude to the days celebrations.

"Nothing will go wrong — if it does we will let someone else sort it out".
This section is only a guideline – feel free to change the procedures and/or times to suit your wedding day.

Good Luck.

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